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Ephphatha Community

Ephphatha is an ancient Aramaic word which means “Be Opened.” Our community is open and welcoming to all individuals who feel confronted with the challenges of life. Whether it is something we are born with(congenital) or something that is presented to us as we live life (acquired) challenges/disabilities/ illness can be difficult and isolating.

At Ephphatha (Be-Opened farm) Community we offer healing from isolation, we offer community and hopefulness amid the natural beauty of our farm and our animals. We open our hearts to nature, we flourish in an environment of gratitude for the beauty of the earth and we practice sustainable techniques in order to protect the earth and the natural balances of nature.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Come visit, you are most WELCOME!

Heart to Hear : “Listening to people with their pain, their joy, their hope, their history, listening to their heartbeats” – Jean Vanier, France 1964