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Bete Fleming (originally the Bete Manufacturing Company) was founded in the late 1940’s on the shores of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts to serve the sailors and marine marketplace. Since then, we have been crafting the finest boating equipment, hardware and fittings, and other and hard-to-find accessories. Innovation and simplicity are at the core of our values, and we continue to evolve and develop new products to fit the changing needs of our customers.

Over the years and using our experience and knowledge building marine products that are dependable and withstand the elements, we have expanded beyond boating to offer high quality, beautifully designed and crafted products for home and work.

Today we are recognized as flag display experts and provide an extensive selection of products for both your boat and home, including elegant wooden flagstaffs, high quality fiberglass inground flagpoles, innovative non-fouling burgee staffs, U.S. and maritime flags, and elegant hardware. We also continue to support the sailing market with our best-in-class specialty marine products including pultruded fiberglass battens and shroud rollers used on classic sailboats.

Our commitment to elegant design, the highest quality materials and craftmanship and sustainable materials and operations enables us to provide products to our customers that deliver years of enjoyment and pride.