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Auto Driven Marketing

Client Requirements

The Client wanted to provide Auto Dealers with an online platform.
A Marketplace for Auto Dealers both small and large, to let them expand their businesses and reach a greater audience.
They wanted a web platform that is capable of:

  •  Hosting Feature-Rich Websites
  • Personalized websites and custom themes for Auto Dealers
  • Providing a secure platform
  • Providing Personalized Administration Control to Auto Dealers
  • Efficiently Handling & distributing Traffic over multiple websites
  • Providing Business Analytics and Data Analytics Solutions

Our Approach

Techvalens Team thoroughly interviewed the client to understand the actual requirements. we also researched the common problems faced by auto-dealers online. Our team did a thorough product research and studied the available solutions in the Industry. Once team research ended, we developed a solution which is efficient, maintainable, scalable and provides value to the client. The solution was developed after careful selection of an appropriate Technology Stack. The ultimate goal of the team was to achieve the optimal, reliable, and adaptable solution.
The Team came up with a project which is:

    • Efficient: Handle traffic on multiple websites
    • Scalable: Capable of managing increased demand and adaptable to changes
    • Secure: Keeping the access of platform secure and blocking suspicious requests
    • Feature-Rich: provide features like Admin Panel, Inventory Management, Integration with third-party solutions, etc

Our Solution

Introducing ADM! The market-place for the Auto-dealers. A platform for Auto-dealers (small and large) to expand their business and reach a greater audience.

The ADM provides an online solution, which can be accessed on multiple platforms.
The AutoDrivenMarketing (ADM) is feature-pack with capabilities like hosting Multiple websites, Personalized themes, Admin panels (Personalized), AutoSSL Certifications, Integration of existing Dealer CRMs, Wordfence for enterprise-class security, craigslist Integration, Facebook marketplace integration, and much more.

What We Use

Our team carefully selected the technologies based on factors like client budget, security features, performance, reliability, and more.
All the technologies we used have proven themselves in the industry.
This gave us this technology stack which fits in with the solution approach

  •  Efficiency

    We wanted performance-oriented technologies from the start. Therefore, we chose an NGINX Server. This technology is capable of handling multiple requests efficiently but we optimized a bit more with this.
    We also optimized PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) for better process management.Optimizing all these technologies, we then developed the platform using WordPress.
    WordPress along with WordPress Multisite provide the frame for developing a platform for hosting multiple websites.
    Lastly, we used AWS Lambda Functions to improve the efficiency of some parts of websites. Mainly using that for photo-overlay functionality as required by the client, which is quite resource-demanding.

  • Security

    The web platform also needed to be extremely secure. We want the client and auto-dealers to have the assurance that their data is safe. To provide that we used various smart solutions and developed some, ourselves.We included the AutoSSL feature to renew SSL certifications automatically, thus, ADM websites are always HTTPS.
    We also used the FTP feeds protocol to import the existing database from Auto Dealers to the platform.
    Techvalens Team extensively used Wordfence, WordPress Plugin for extra Security. We introduced firewalls at the application level and applied measures which can block brute-force attacks, Malicious IPs, IPs from different regions, and more.
    All that with Firewalls, Real-time firewall rules and malware signature updates, malware scanners, Real-time malware signature updates, and more.

  • Features

    The first thing any user looks in a website is its UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience). Therefore, The User Experience is of utmost concern and our designers put a lot of work to develop a pleasant user experience.
    We had to satisfy three End-users for this product – the client, the auto-dealers, their visitors/consumers. We did things differently for each segment. Keeping each segment’s demand in mind, we developed Admin Panel, control panels and provided website themes for the frontend.All the websites on the platform are mobile compatible. Even the admin platform for Auto-dealers can be used via smartphones.
    There are several third-party integrations we did like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and integration CRMs already in use by Auto dealers. Also provided FTPS feed exports that adds a layer of encryption over FTP.
    We also included the support for REST-APIs that can synchronise the inventory data with third-party websites.These were some of the very few features of the platform. Please visit the platform to learn more.

  • Scalability

    Scalability of a platform like this is an important factor. Therefore, we used the best in class technologies for this factor.
    We used AWS for hosting of the platform. AWS performance is the top quality youcan get. Therefore, the Techvalens team proposed to use this instead of any other platform for web services.AWS Hosting was done efficiently with the use of advanced features like Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) and Auto Scaling. These are the best tools to improve efficiency as well as provide a cost-effective solution. In brief, these features.
    Techvalens used Amazon RDS for hosting Database. It can allocate memory and CPU easily to databases and can get us to a cost-effective solution.
    We configured the AWS so that it integrates with other technologies and give the client a seamless performance.

Product Impact

The ADM was quite the hit when it was introduced in the market. ADM is getting great response from Auto-Dealers. The Auto-dealers have been able to better manage their online presence with ADM.
Currently, ADM is hosting 100+ Unique Websites with personalized themes and custom designs. They are also providing seamless integration with third-party CRMs and software to the liking of Auto Dealers.
Techvalens team is glad that the clients were quite happy with these results.

Ready to begin your journey with Techvalens

We at Techvalens believe customer satisfaction is the most important factor. We will try our best and implement the most efficient solution for you. Efficient solutions are cost-effective and engage more customers than non-efficient ones. Techvalens had proven itself to implement advanced technologies, which sets it apart from other companies.
Do contact us for any assistance. We will quote your project for free. We are just a call ahead and try our best to provide excellent customer support. At Techvalens we think of ways by which can meet the goals of the customer and how can that be cost-efficient. There are no hidden costs from our clients.
Every detail is verified by the clients and then implemented. Techvalens is ready to take on challenges and have talented people and resources to complete them. Give us a chance to meet your requirements too, and rest assured.