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Aastha Jaiswal

Dec 9, 2019

A pleasant experience I had while working with Techvalens. A venture with full of latest technologies and skills, highly professional and experienced employees, an awesome work culture and environment. An organisation where employee can share ideas with supervisors and an open desk discussion between leads and members. Furthermore, management of this firm was very supportive and very transparent & employee friendly policies they are caring and provide a familiar environment. Fun loving work culture and many more team building activities.

Thank you all my colleagues, seniors for their support, and thank you Anurag sir for your support and mentorship, you always encouraged for achieving goals and always support all of your employees to face new challenges and hit the target. Your great vision help us to grow more.

I would recommend my friends to join such a nice IT company.

Response from the owner
A company is alway great with the greatness of it’s team. You had been a priceless resource for the company, your contribution in the growth is also priceless. We will definitely miss your presence in every achievement.

On behalf of entire team we wish you a very good luck for your future plans.